Now the measure of a practice is how well it does everything.
Introducing Multi-ExecTM v18.
While technology has been transforming every last corner of medicine, it has also quietly upended the way practices themselves are structured. The solo practice model is giving way to emerging new corporate models, including the multi-specialty practice. Among dental specialists, this innovative, data-driven model yields new efficiencies such as immediate access to data, collaborative patient care, and the long-term, sustainable growth of the practice. Multi-Exec is the practice management software for this new model of specialty practice. Teams of oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, and dentists can now effectively practice as a single entity. They can interact, collaborate, and grow a practice together. Imagine a multi-disciplinary team of talent that’s focused entirely on the needs of the patient. This is the new world of Multi-Exec.
More of the features that matter.
Multi-Exec v18 merges the most advanced features found in practice management software today into one seamlessly integrated, multi-specialty solution. You’ll find capabilities like medical and dental claims processing fully-embedded into the software with a look and feel that’s immediately familiar. No matter what the feature, Multi-Exec never asks you for more than a minimum of keystrokes. It’s intuitive, straightforward, and designed to get the task done.
Integration may be our most powerful feature yet.
Multi-Exec isn’t just engineered to integrate multiple specialists. It’s engineered to integrate an entire technology stack across multiple disciplines. v18 includes the leading tech providers within Dental, OMS, Perio, and Endo. No matter what your specialty, you’ll work across different platforms, varying levels of access, and, when needed, even time zones and multiple offices. It’s true end-to-end integration within the practice.
The most secure payment processing available.
No matter what the task, chances are Multi-Exec has a smarter and safer way of doing it, right down to how patients pay. Consider: The Multi-Exec ePayment portal engineered in partnership with Heartland Payment Systems (NYSE: GPN) and available 24x7. Designed to meet or exceed Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, the Multi-Exec ePayment portal is powerful in 3 ways: it incorporates EMV (the so-called “chip”), end-to-end encryption, and tokenization. In fact, at its core is technology that is the solution of-choice for over 300,000 businesses and educational institutions.
There’s a multi-specialty cloud, too.
There are many reasons to work in the cloud, including fewer hardware demands and simplified remote access. Regardless of whether you choose to work with data that’s in the cloud or on your server, Multi-Exec v18 radically streamlines workflow across the entire practice. No matter where the data resides, you’ll have the power to immediately assess potential drug interaction, monitor insurance eligibility, and process medical or dental claims online. And no matter how large or complex the practice, once-tedious tasks like generating letters and keeping your team on track are now automatic.